Final Assessed Post : The Journey

After 12 Lessons of Living and Working on the web (MANG2049) , the amount of new knowledge learnt and insight found was incredible. First of all, this was a whole new online experience that I ever had. I must admit, I have my doubts when I first heard about how lessons and discussions will function over the web but after the use of Google Hangout/Livestream and WordPress, they have erased my doubts. This module was one of the most enjoyable I ever had.

“Time fly fastest when you are enjoying “

Nevertheless, the freedom to discover, learn and share help me to gain more insight on using the web and developing a professional profile. So what were my major takeaways through the journey of MANG2049


To start off here is a summary of my self-test before and after MANG2049


1.Create your professional digital profile.

The first step was to differentiate the need of having a professional profile. Prior to this, I do not have any so with the help of MANG2049 I decided to create a LinkedIn Profile to build my foundation of a professional online profile.


As a new user of LinkedIn, there are still a lot of things for me to improve on however with the advice given from my previous blog post I believe I will be able to build a great LinkedIn profile for my potential employers and colleague to look out for in the near future.

2.Manage your online identities.

The development of my twitter account throughout the module making it more professional.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have changed the privacy setting of my personal twitter account to private after deleting all the inappropriate content and created a new account for work. One major difference you can see from the slide show was how the profile became less congested and you are able to see my post and display picture clearly. The same image was used for my display picture with LinkedIn for consistency of showing a professional image.

3.Building Network and participating in online communities

Here are some of the media that I started to follow to get updated on world news.

Following of such media, allow me to keep up with the latest news around the industry. The creation of my professional Twitter and LinkedIn account will be used for as my networking platform for my future work endeavour.

One of the examples of participating in the online communities is sharing my thoughts on the blogosphere. Prior to this, I thought blogging would just be sharing on my mundane life however through the module I realise the difference between sharing my lifestyle and sharing my thoughts. Through blogging, I am exposed to more ideas and knowledge be it from my classmates or the articles I found while doing the post. This is definitely the main takeaway I get from this module. I am even considering to continue to update this blog in the future to share all of my thoughts on different events happening around the web.

4. Creating online materials

The most exciting and fun element that I experience was from creating my own visuals for the posts. Prior to this I only know how to use windows paint or basic photoshop tools however through the use of various platform ( PowToon, PiktoChart) I was able to create fantastic visuals/video that I never thought I could do.

Here is my summary to the main takeaway I have gotten from this module.

With the help of these platforms, I will definitely be using them for my future works as well to attract and retain my audience/readers attention.


Lastly, I would like to thank our tutors Lisa, Sarah and Nicholas. Without their unconditional love for teaching, I would not have learned so much. Also, whoever that is reading this, thank you for reading.

Links to my digital profile:



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