Reflection : Topic 5


Initially on my blog post, I have shared about the advantages and disadvantages of Open Access under the category of publication. However, as mentioned previously at my post , Open Access content does not just revolve around articles and books for researchers but it involves the stuff that we use in our daily life as well. Through the readings that have been shared by my classmates, I found out that there are much more different examples of content creation.

Source : Image by me ; definition from

As well as the types of Open Access shared from Hazel:

Source : Image by me ; Information from Hazel

Xin Hui post has given me insight on why content creator wants to share and how open access platforms can help them.

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Source :  Screen capture from Xin Hui’s blog

Example of Content creators and Open Access Platforms:

  • YouTubers and YouTuber
  • Musician/Singer and Spotify
  • Designers and Deviantart

As shared in the previous blog post on how publishing fees could discourage researcher from going open access, the cost of video production as a YouTuber is high as well and this is how YouTube help their content creators to earn money from their content to lighten the burden.

However, the use of advertisement and monetization will have a negative impact on the content creator as well. If their content is not “advertiser-friendly”, it will result in censorship. See example below

Regarding the use of paywall , I believe more companies should consider using the model of “Freemium” as mentioned by Klarrisa instead. It is a business model, whereby basic services are provided free of charge while more advanced features must be paid for.  As many users suffer from just paying without knowing what they are paying for.Users will be able to use the free trial to know about what they are getting and consider if it is worth the subscription.

Examples of companies that uses freemium

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Dropbox
Source: Spotify ; Image used by Klarissa

Ultimately, the topic of Open Access has given me new insights on the different Open Access platform that I previously would not have known. The next time I read from Wikipedia I will consider twice about its credibility or the video I watch on YouTube I will take note of the effort the content creator has made. Nonetheless, I would still support the idea of Open Access as it had allowed everyone to gain access to new knowledge and helps to cultivate the culture of sharing and like what people said :

“Sharing is Caring”


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