Reflection : Topic 4

In my opinion, I find the topic of Social Media Ethics to be very vague and broad. After reading through the blogs and comments of my classmates I realised there are a lot of different issues under the big umbrella of Social Media Ethics. Below shows the summary of new insights I have gained from reading Wendy’s and Xinlin‘s Blog.


In addition, the use of media manipulation in conjunction with integrity risk serves as a double edge sword. When the truth gets uncovered, the image of the company/person will be tarnished severely as well. The example used by Xinlin on Victoria Secret “Perfect Body” shows how media manipulation could backfire.

Another example I found was how a local western cafe in Singapore tried to manipulate its audience while playing the victim and got exposed.

Source : Screen capture by the ( Image from Andy Wong’s Facebook)
Source : Screen captured from

The results of media manipulation backfired and complaints by netizens were so severe that they had to close down the Facebook Page and outsource a social media agency to manage the page.

Source : Screen captured from

In conclusion, the use of social media may certainly act as a platform for networking, discussions, and advertisements, however, with such uses it sure will come in conjunction with ethical issues. Ultimately, there is no system of morality accepted as universal however through training and guidelines of social media ethics could help minimise the tendency of offending its audience. Experiencing and getting exposure to such issues will hopefully help businesses and users to be familiarised with what’s the ethical and unethical use of social media.

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Posts I commented on:

Wendy –

Xin Lin-

References :

Chan, M. (2016) The western Co. Fiasco is A prime example of what NOT to do in PR/social media. Available at:

How, M. (2016) Looks like the western Co. Is latest S’pore eatery on its way to social media destruction. Available at:



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