Reflection: Topic 3


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After reading the insights shared by my classmates on how to manage your digital profile , I realized there are certainly points that I have missed and vice versa. Through reading and commenting on the blogs, I have gained a lot of new information and perspectives as compared to my initial understanding of the topic. Particularly, I love the way how Teresa organized and express her views on the topic. She have shared insights on how Singaporean youth have not being using LinkedIn to their full potential and ways to tackle that. ( Jeraldine, 2016)

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One of the ways is to make full use of the visual representation in LinkedIn to show the credibility of your work and experience.

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Another insight that i find to be useful was shared by Joey, she mentioned the need of having a professional email address to be the fundamental of building a digital profile. I too agreed that we shouldn’t be using funky email address like “” , as it would definitely make a bad first impression to your employers . (DeMatteo, 2009). 

Initially on topic 3, I have wrote on how being authentic to your profile could lead you to success. However, the impact of being too authentic online can also lead to negative results and this was shared by Charissa on her comment to my post on topic 3. The need for professional authenticity is different with being too personal. (Hutchinson, 2014) Eg. On your business Facebook page, one should never overfill it with personal updates, even if the jokes or unrelated news interests you personally. Your business page should be primarily focus on relevant news of your business.

Such insights shared by them and myself make me realized the need of cleaning your negative digital footprints and importance of maintaining  your digital profile to keep yourself relevant. It might take time to build up your portfolio but if you are willing to put effort to become better i believe this is achievable.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

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Posts i commented on:

Joey –

Teresa –


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DeMatteo, R. (2009) ‘Wait, your e-mail address is what?’ Available at: (Accessed: 10 November 2016).

Hutchinson, A. (2014) Professional authenticity: Can you be too authentic online? Available at: (Accessed: 10 November 2016).


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