Topic 3: Building your digital professional profile


“Pick me pick me pick me up”

With our world growing ever connected with the advancement in technologies, the use of social media as recruitment has become a norm (Taylor, 2016). As mentioned in my previous blog posts , recruiters are researching employees online identity prior to hiring. So how do we maintain and improve our digital foot prints professionally to increase the chances of getting picked by employers? Follow through the post to know!

Source : Image created by me

1.Get started by creating a LinkedIn Profile

In 2014, Jobvite conducted a Social Recruiting Survey with elements of how social media is an essential recruitment tool across industries

Source : Screen captured by me on Jobvite

LinkedIn have been shown to be the most used platform for recruiting. As a business-orientated social networking site, it helps to act as an electronic CV and a platform connects people through professional networking which justify it reasons being the top. So how do we carefully make use of this digital footprint?

First of all create your LinkedIn account and write down your information! Always remember to include a photo of your professional head shot, a well written summary of your professional experience, skills & expertise and recommendations from customers, peers & colleagues. Here’s an example of a well structured LinkedIn Profile

Source: Screen shot taken from komarketingassociates


2.Clean up your inappropriate materials online.

Source: Screen captured by me on Jobvite


Results from Jobvite have shown that recruiters have reconsidered their profile as negative due to the use of profanity,drug references and sexual posts. So remember to delete images or materials that are related to those factors on all your social media platform! For example:

Source: Screencaptured from SG Yahoo News

In 2012, an assistant director from National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) Singapore was fired due to her racist remarks on her Facebook account and this has created in an uproar across Singapore social media platforms

3.Start blogging to gain and show your experience

Source: Image created by me

Blogging is a great channel for sharing your perspectives. However in terms of blogging we meant by having a professional blog where you discuss things that are important and analytical in an intelligent and tasteful manner to show demonstrate your passion and critical-thinking skills. Writing a blog develops your creativity skills and writing skills which are factors and essential skills of  job specifications.

4. Be Authentic

Source: Image created by me

With this being mentioned lots of time, so how do we really get to be authentic. Watch this video on how to be authentic to connect with people!

Being authentic helps to improve your personal branding as well because who likes talking to a liar all the time?! By in-cooperating this value to the way you frame your digital profile it helps you to connect to people as it assures people of your credibility in this online world of anonymity.

These are the ways how authentic digital professional profile can be developed. Be real and stay professional.

“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it earlier.” – Oprah Winfrey

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9 thoughts on “Topic 3: Building your digital professional profile

  1. Hi Yongyou!

    I was really attracted to your graphics! I also enjoyed reading and agreed with your pointers in creating a professional online profile. I loved how you gave detailed examples of a well-structured LinkedIn profile. With that, do you think there is anything that can be done to stand out from other similar profiles out there?

    In the video about authenticity, it says that being authentic is speaking from the heart and not caring what other people say about you. While that can help connect to a group of people easier, we might also offend some others with differing views regarding the issue.
    Just a penny for thought, is there a certain degree of authenticity we should keep to in order to maintain that professional side of us, especially in blogging where we demonstrate our passion, which might contradict others? Here’s something I found which I think is quite a good read! (

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Charissa! First of all, thanks for reading! For ways to make your LinkedIn profile to stand out from others, I believe we can make use of the visual aspects in your LinkedIn profile, eg, ( Screenshots of positive reviews from your clients/past work experience or slide designs you have done because being able to make and do presentations is a must in the working society now.) those will definitely be a plus points.

      Secondly, I agree we definitely have to set a limit to the amount of information or we call “realness” shared. If your way of expression will inevitably have a negative impact on you, I believe it is best to not share it unless you have enough evidence to justify yourself. I believe our authenticity should be shown professionally and not to be mixed with being personal.

      I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for taking your time to read my posts, really appreciate it :’)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey YongYou! I found your post very informative and easy to understand. You managed to keep it succinct while focusing on the main points. By using local examples such as Amy Cheong, it is easy to relate to and it showed me how easily social media may cost us our jobs. I concur with you that we should remove any inappropriate material off our social media as it would not reflect well on us.

    The video which you have posted about being authentic is very relatable as well. Especially when many people are having multiple online identities, it is important for us to be genuine. I personally feel that it is much easier being authentic than to act as someone we are not.

    As you have mentioned blogs in your post, do you think blogging would help give us an extra edge in getting chosen for a job? Would love to hear your views!

    Thanks for the post! I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sean! Thanks for reading and I am glad that my post are informative and relatable to you. I believe blogging definitely will give you an extra edge in getting chosen for a job. It gives you more exposure to expressing your views and help as a way to develop individuality!

      However, blogging at times will become a double edge sword as well, there are times where bloggers get into trouble for sharing their views and getting hate comments and harassment.

      So here are my views to your questions. Cheers 😀


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