Reflection: Topic 2

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Without our skin and personalities, we are all bones just like everyone else. Just like how we have multiple online identities to cover and present ourselves differently online.

After reading various blogs of my classmates on online identities, most of us agree on having multiple online identities to differentiate ourselves between work and life. I realized it is just a way for us to brand ourselves to others for different purposes and also to keep us safe from negative influences ( hackers, scammers, cyber bulling)

From reading Zoey’s blog, I found out that the reason people create numerous online identities is to protect themselves from users with ill-intentions especially with the increase of scammers and hackers in Singapore as mentioned from Wendy’s Blog. However, this teaches us to be wary of strangers on the web as well as how creating multiple identities of ourselves could help in preventing hackers to retrieve all of our information from a single profile.

Another point that was raised was how multiple online identities would lead to lack of authenticity. This video were shown on both of their blogs to explain on how social media influences us to be different online and offline.

In order to maintain our online identity, we curate the best version of ourselves to share with others. The process of how we curate, learn and repeat resulted us to be obsessed with branding ourselves and differ ourselves from real life. This triggered my thoughts on how can we prevent this from happening. To tackle this, I believe that as long as we are able to draw the line between the best and worst of ourselves, embrace our imperfectness and be real with ourselves, we could overcome the factor on lack of authenticity.


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