Reflection time. Prior to this module and topic of digital resident and visitor, i used to have thoughts that only social influencers have the ability to share their lavish and vibrant lifestyles over the web. Neither would i know that actually everyone of us are who sharing our life and stories over the web would be doing the job of being a digital resident.

After reading Xinhui ‘s blog on her views, I realised that there are certain factors that might change an  individual from being a resident to a visitor. Invasion of personal privacy and criticism of individuals are negative factors that stop individuals from wanting to share their life over the web. The fear of getting judged and the power to be anonymous to criticize others becomes a strong barrier stopping people to share and connect over the web. People would rather remain safe to stay as a visitor to protect their own identity.

Another view from Yangting , triggered my thought on how some local successful bloggers (resident) are able to change the ability of sharing on the web freely to their full-time job. They have the willingness to accept opinions and welcome criticisms to improve which  takes a lot of passion and perseverance to do so. These actions have inspire and motivate many others to be a content creator on sharing their thoughts and views.

Through the shift of advancement in technology and social media, most people are shifting from being a visitor to a mixture of both resident and visitor. The culture and norms of the internet still have room for improvement to make the web environment a better place to “reside” in. However, it is unknown in the future that will there only be residents with no visitors due to the advancement of social media or will people be afraid of sharing to protect their identity and remain as a visitor? I guess it takes time for people to adapt to the current culture of sharing over the web and only time will tell.

Visitor Or Resident? It’s your choice.



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